Weight Loss Clinic

Miracles Mediclinic weight loss programme aims to provide effective obesity treatments based on various Therapeutic and Cosmetic methods. We are located at 2 locations in Gurugram- Old Delhi road Sector-14 and More Market Sector-56.

Our unique weight loss programs are based on helping you improve daily eating habits. Unhealthy eating leads to various issues such as obesity, hormonal imbalance, thyroid & more. Lack of nutrients due to the wrong choice of intake leads to metabolic disorders and diabetes. Once the exact reason is diagnosed by observing symptoms, then our nutrition experts or dietitians play the role. Our dietitians work 1:1 with you, by giving you personalized tips & feedbacks to help you achieve your goals.

Our Approach

a)       Your diet your way- Our dietitian will first ask you your preferences such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian, etc. and then will design a diet chart specifically for you.

b)      Advise on portion control- A measure of what you intake is always important. Our dietitians help you analyse the count of calories that help you achieve your weight goal

c)       Recommendation on healthy diet-modification without altering food& taste preferences

d)      Sustainable results

What Are we?

a)       Modifications of your existing dietary habits

b)      Sustainable dietary recommendations

c)       Personalized feedback

What are we not?

a)       Strict diet plans

b)      Short-term weight loss

c)       Pre-fixed diet plans

Our Monthly Program

a)       4×1:1 consultation with dietitian

b)      The fat assessment was done on a first & last visit

c)       Diet & medical history taken before planning diets

d)      Individual food preferences are taken care of while  planning/prescribing the diets

This is not just a strict diet plan that can help you lose weight but a few recommended changes in your daily dietary habits can also work a lot. We help you achieve your weight goal in the easiest way by making little changes keeping your taste preferences alive.

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