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Dr. Neeru Mehra

Which is the best contraceptive for you (1)

Which is the best contraceptive for you?

Many women, both married and unmarried, have concerns regarding contraceptive methods to use. Some desire so because of professional work reasons while others state personal reasons. Whatever might be the…

What is Ovarian Cancer

What is Ovarian Cancer?

A pair of small organs located at the lower area in the stomach are called ovaries. They are connected to the womb and both of them are the size of…

Menstrual disorder

What are the Types of Menstrual Disorders?

Menstrual disorders are problems concerning women’s usual menstrual cycle. Such disorders and their symptoms can disrupt women’s regular routine. It can also affect her ability to become pregnant. Premenstrual syndrome…

What is Female voiding Dysfuncti

What is Female Voiding Dysfunction?

Female Voiding Dysfunction is a broad term to explain. It is used to describe the condition where there is poor or faulty co-ordination between the urethra and bladder muscle. The…


What is an ectopic pregnancy?

In a normal pregnancy, fertilization takes place in the ovaries and after that it moves to the uterus through the fallopian tube for the baby to grow. But in an…

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