Health edge Card

Miracles Mediclinic is committed to consistently provide superior healthcare services to address day-to-day healthcare needs of a family. The introduction of Miracles Mediclinic Health Edge Card is another example of this commitment. This card has been designed with the objective of providing you and your family access to the best healthcare facilities at affordable prices.

The Health Edge Privileges
The card membership entities you to have up to 3 additional family members enrolled at no extra cost. Each of these cards is personalized for a family member.

The card entitles you for the following:

Finest medical professionals for Consultation.

  • As a privileged member, you are entitles to a total of six free consultations in a year with the General Physician at The Clinic.

World Class Diagnostic facilities

  • You would be entitled to a 20% discount on any number of in-house lab tests and 10% discount on other diagnostic tests (like Radiology tests, Non-invasive cardiology tests, CT/MRI etc.) done at the clinic for the entire year.

Preventive Health Checks

  • To ensure that you remain healthy throughout the year, the card entitles you 10% discount on any health check at the Clinic.
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