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It is our endeavor to provide you with a comprehensive range of health checks, reliable and best diagnostic services in Gurgaon. Following is a list of health checks and tests along with the rates. Our diagnostic centers offer state of the art technologies along with international recognition of its process flows. The Clinic laboratory is among the few NABL accredited labs in India. Our diagnostic centers boast of the Pathology Labs, MRI / CT, DEXA BMD (Bone densitometry machine), CR Xray system, Mammography etc.

Lab Investigations (NABL Accredited) Rates in Rupees
Clinical Pathology
Complete Haemogram 400.00
Urine Routine 110.00
Stool Routine 110.00
Platelet Count 120.00
Urine Pregnancy Test 150.00
Blood Urea 110.00
Blood Creatinine 120.00
Lipid Profile 880.00
Blood Sugar Random 90.00
Serum Electrolytes (Na, K, Cl) 360.00
Serum Bilirubin 240.00
SGOT 150.00
SGPT 150.00
Renal Profile 700.00
(Liver Function Test) LFT 700.00
HSCRP 700.00
PAP smear 500.00
Hormone Analysis
FT3, FT4, TSH 900.00
Transfusion Medicine
ABO and Rh Grouping 130.00
HBsAg 550.00
Urine C/S 450.00
Stool C/S 450.00
VDRL 120.00
Widal Test 230.00
Vitamin B-12 1000
Vitamin D-3 1570
Rates in Rupees
Radiology and Imaging
Chest X Ray P/A (Digital CR) 350.00
USG – Whole Abdomen 1650.00
Single breast 1200.00
Both breast 2200.00
Bone Densitometry (DEXA)
Single Scan 1500.00
Dual Scan 3000.00
Whole Body (incl Body Composition) 4200.00
Rates in Rupees
Echocardiography(col.Doppler) 2400.00
ECG 250.00
TMT 2000.00
Stress ECHO 3800.00
Holter monitoring 2500.00
Ambulatory BP monitoring 2500.00
Rates in Rupees
Scaling/Polishing 1500.00
Root Canal 4000.00
Rates in Rupees
Upper GI Endoscopy (without Anesthesist charges) 2500
Upper GI Endoscopy with Biopsy (without Anesthesist charges) 3500
Lower GI Endoscopy (without Anesthesist charges) 3600
PFT 1100
Rates in Rupees
MRI Lumbar Spine (Plain) 6500
MRI Lumbar Spine (Contrast) 9500
CT Brain (Plain) 2200
CT Brain (Contrast) 2800
Sec-14: 0124-4797600Sec-56: 906-906-8800