Manage Age related hearing loss

Manage Age-related hearing loss

Age-related hearing impairment and its onset The hearing impairment in elderly people is often known as presbycusis, which refers to a decline in the ability of an individual to hear…

Causes and treatments of Vertigo

Causes and Treatment of Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom and not a disease that causes spinning or swaying of the head associated with dizziness even though the person is standing still. At times vertigo is…

Taking a flight when you have cold

Taking a flight when you have a cold

High altitude can cause a difference in the pressure of our internal organs, and the Eustachian tube closes, blocking the ears, to prevent the pressure difference from affecting the brain.…

Simple Ways to stop snoring (1)

Simple Ways to Stop Snoring

Everyone is familiar with snoring; if you’re not the main culprit of the noisy night time issue, then you may know someone who is. According to researchers, snoring affects about…

Effects of Snoring on Health

Effects of Snoring on Health

Everybody snores occasionally, be it a baby, adult or a pet. Recent studies show that at least one-third of the adult snores on a regular basis. Snoring is a very…

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