Antenatal Classes

Antenatal or prenatal classes are designed to help you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. Your Gynecologist may be able to recommend a program suitable for you. It’s recommended that you and your husband participate together in the antenatal classes. The classes may help you to have a better birth experience, as well as prepare you for dealing with the early weeks after the birth.

antenatal-classesAntenatal Counseling
This is a program to calm down the anxieties building up in the pregnant woman and her family. It helps suffice the curiosity building up in the couple and the changes this new life brings along with it.

Complete Antenatal Program
The aim of the program is to prepare the would be parents for pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenthood which is laid down into 5 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each spread over 5 weeks.
Each session comes with the information related to pregnancy and childbirth, accompanying it with a set of exercises which prepare your body for labour.

Postnatal Program
The program covers a set of various activities that help the new parents to care for their newborn.

You can start the program at any stage of pregnancy. Ideally Nutrition and General Information sessions are best done as early as possible and exercises can begin once your doctor gives the go ahead.

Our Pregnancy program offers information, which is customized and bound together with amazing facts and has been planned to give special attention to each individual.

Of course, we believe that pregnancy is a time for bonding and fathers are welcome to be a part of all the sessions.

A typical information session lasts for 90 minutes. The session is interactive, informative, demonstrative and includes exercises towards the end of the session. Questions from participants are answered and at times when the discussion is animated the session can even last for 120 minutes. The aim of exercising is to tone your muscles for birth and also help in reducing pregnancy aches and discomforts. Each session also includes breathing exercises and relaxation.

Yes, in case of any queries or special requests from you the assistance is provided through mail as soon as possible.

Yes of course. You can take the session with the next batch. If that is not possible, you can take an individual session.

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